The May Twenty Four: Curiosity with Canada continues

Today (24 May 2024) our final instalment of The May Twenty Four series was released covering the fourth main mining region in Canada – British Columbia. It also coincides with Queen Victoria’s birthday.

Minerals and metals are produced in every province and territory but four account for more than 75% of the total value of production – Ontario, Québec, British Columbia, as well as Newfoundland and Labrador.

Regular readers of may be curious about the recent coverage concerning Canada. Well, it’s for good reason. A year ago this news service featured a trend we saw emerging with a spate of Australian mining investments in Canada. was curious about the many cases of ASX-listed miners finding not just resources but also comfort operating abroad in one of the world’s leading mining nations.

As our investigation developed it became apparent that the connections between Australia and Canada reached beyond being rich in resources, sharing similar standards of living, or being large countries with geographically dispersed population centres.

The Australia-Canada relationship is mature. Trade relations date from 1895 when the Canadian government sent its first Trade Commissioner John Short Larke to Sydney in New South Wales to establish an office. 

In 1939 diplomatic relations began formally when on the eve of World War II, Australia and Canada first agreed to exchange High Commissioners.

Today, both countries face comparable public policy challenges in areas such as regional development, indigenous issues, health, transport, and economic recovery from the pandemic.

The two leading countries in mining have a comprehensive range of bilateral agreements covering issues such as trade, space cooperation, social security, air services, wildfire management, crisis management, and consular services.

About six months into the curious case of Canada and its attraction to Australian mining companies’ investigation, began uncovering why the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) in particular is an attractive destination for retail investors.

Australia is a nation of investors. About 10.2 million Aussies – or 51% of the population – held investments in 2023 – up from 46% or 9 million who held investments in 2020. The vast majority of Australian investors (70%) use online brokers to place trade orders. 

However, this news service uncovered that the median portfolio size of on-exchange investors began increasing in 2023, reflecting another emerging trend of Aussies increasingly assessing other options and jurisdictions to invest their hard-earned cash.

And it was apparent for retail investors – non-professional or often termed “mum and dad” investors – investing in companies listed and operating in Canada can be easy and accessible.

Fuelling further curiosity we got in touch with Saxo Australia CEO Adam Smith who told that trading in Canadian equities is as simple as selecting an investment broker/platform that operates in Australia and provides access to the TSX and TSX-V – such as Saxo.

Saxo is a fintech specialist that operates a multi-asset trading and investment business for those retail investors keen to put their cash into Canadian equities.

On the back of all this, we revealed how retail investors have been keen to get a piece of the action.

The May Twenty Four series that we’ve published all week is a five-part overview of what our investigation into the curious case of Canada has so far uncovered. It’s put a spotlight on where the action is.

But rest assured, our curiosity with the second largest country by area has not been satiated.

Throughout the week we unveiled how mining is a major cornerstone of Canada’s economy contributing C$125 billion to national GDP and responsible for 22% of the country’s total domestic exports.

Canada’s resources sector directly and indirectly employs 665,000. It’s also proportionally the largest private sector employer of indigenous peoples in the country and a crucial customer of indigenous-owned businesses.

As mentioned, minerals and metals are produced in every province and territory but it is The May Twenty Four that account for the lion’s share of the total value of production. will continue to uncover more of what Canada has to offer and in the next few months we’ll have exclusive news to report that we can safely say no other media outlet will be revealing.

We’ll continue to dig deep into the world of mining in Canada and beyond.

Stay tuned and fill your boots!

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