Hazer’s CDP in 36 hours of continuous hot operation

Hazer Group (ASX:HZR) confirms the initial performance test runs at its Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP) have been completed with positive results.

The initial performance test runs have demonstrated the fundamentals of Hazer’s technology for the first time at commercial scale. First Hydrogen and graphite production and 36 hours of continuous hot operation have now been achieved.

Hazer says these test runs provide confidence in its technology commercial scalability.

Preparation is now underway for extended duration runs in line with test program schedule.

The company notes that key objectives were achieved during 36 hours of continuous operation with highlights including technology proof-point with commercial scale hydrogen and graphite production from methane; hydrogen production and conversion rates consistent with design expectations; and graphite production and initial purities in line with expectations.

Analysis and testwork is ongoing and Hazer has undertaken a demonstration of its plant equipment with reactor temperature and pressure control. Hazer adds that equipment integrity as well as safe start-up and shutdown procedures have also been proven.

Minor improvements to the plant are now being implemented, taking into consideration the learnings identified during the initial runs, this includes small modifications to the feed gas system to increase feed rate, enhancing data collection and optimisation of test run procedures.

During the test program, planned shutdowns follow each run to facilitate inspection of key equipment, gathering of process data and to prepare for subsequent runs.

Hazer says the upcoming phase of the performance test plan targets extended operation and additional data collection to further validate larger scale design performance and graphite production.

The observations and learnings from initial results will flow into the current commercial projects and inform engineering and design parameters, as well as potential new technology license opportunities.

Hazer Managing Director and CEO Glenn Corrie says this is a ‘first-of-a-kind technology’ with cutting-edge innovation.

“And I am delighted with the team’s early progress and the initial results that demonstrate the fundamentals of Hazer’s technology for the first time at commercial scale. The team is working diligently to use every opportunity to record and analyse the test data and use it to improve our subsequent runs and future commercial plant designs.”

The company will be hosting a webinar on 28 February at 8am AWST where Corrie will provide further information on the CDP and discuss Hazer’s strategic priorities for 2024.

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