Queensland Resources Council calls for investment beyond critical minerals

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) says policies must encourage and attract investment right across the resources sector, following the release of the 2024-25 federal budget. 

In a statement yesterday, CEO Janette Hewson cited numerous budget initiatives designed to support the emerging critical minerals sector in Queensland, but said the government needs to focus on policies that attract investment in all commodities. 

“The resources sector is proud of its significant contribution to Australia’s economic security through taxes, royalties, and jobs, and the QRC urges governments to focus on policies that encourage the essential private investment required to develop projects that benefit all Australians,” Hewson said. 

In Queensland, coal, gas and minerals producers contributed a record $116.7 billion to the state’s economy during FY2022-23, almost $33 billion of which was spent purchasing goods and services from local businesses. 

“The Queensland resources sector is also helping with cost-of-living pressures for more than 530,000 Queenslanders whose jobs are supported by the resources sector, including 61,000 directly employed in an industry with the highest average income in Australia,” Hewson added. 

“It is more important than ever that there is policy consistency and stability at both the state and federal level to give investors the confidence to go ahead with new projects and jobs.”

The Queensland Resources Council is a not-for-profit industry association that represents the commercial development of Queensland’s minerals and energy resources.

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