Port Hedland Iron Ore

Port Hedland October iron ore exports stable despite China Gov pollution controls

Iron ore export volumes via Port Hedland held stable for October 2021, with continuing firm demand from key Asian partners.

Sales to China increased by just over 1% month-on-month to 39,098,056 tonnes despite enforced industrial shutdowns leading in to the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics. The figure represented a 1.5% drop in tonnage compared to the previous year.

Sales to Japan dropped by 33% month-on-month, while South Korea saw a more moderate 2.3% decline.

Port Hedland Export Data – October 2021
Port Hedland Export Data – October 2021. Data source: Pilbara Ports Authority

Exports of manganese ore via the port rose by 143% to 178,500 tonnes, while spodumene concentrate saw a sharp decline of 64% compared to September.

Copper concentrate exports increased by 8% to 21,732 tonnes, with output headed to Japan and the Philippines.

Written By Tristan Gray
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