MRG Metals PFS test work Mozambique

MRG Metals delivers ‘higher value’ products at Corridor Sands Project in Mozambique

MRG Metals (ASX:MRQ) reports prefeasibility metallurgical process development test work has delivered ‘higher value’ products at its Corridor Sands Project in Mozambique.

IHC Mining completed the metallurgical test work on a bulk material derived from the Koko Massava deposit, within MRG’s Corridor Sands Project.

The recent 6.5 tonne PFS test work sample contained negligible +2.0mm oversize material, 18% -45µm fines material and 5.6% +2.85s.g. heavy mineral content.

The heavy mineral assemblage was measured to contain 24.1% TiO2 and 0.81% ZrO2 by XRF, and 33.3% ilmenite, 42.6% titano-magnetite, 0.8% rutile and 7.5% zircon.

The heavy mineral had a D80 particle size of 257µm, while the sand fraction as a whole had a D80 of 513µm.

Addressing the results, MRG Metals Chairman Andrew Van Der Zwan said: “Our latest Prefeasibility test work carried out on the 6.5 tonne bulk sample from Koko Massava has returned some excellent results, demonstrating the project can deliver higher value products, including a premium zircon product, with potential for additional secondary zircon product, a rutile concentrate, with potential to further refine to a rutile product specification, and a HiTi product.

“Importantly, the grade of ilmenite product increased to 48.4% TiO2 from 46.7% TiO2 compared to previous, smaller metallurgical samples”

Importantly, the grade of ilmenite product increased to 48.4% TiO2 from 46.7% TiO2 compared to previous, smaller metallurgical samples.

This metallurgical test work has confirmed that the Koko Massava material processes readily through typical mineral sands process methodologies and equipment, which is another hugely important step as we look to progress our heavy mineral sands assets to development and subsequent production.”

MRG’s Corridor Central and Corridor South portfolio at the Corridor Projects in Mozambique includes two contiguous tenements containing 13 ‘high-priority’ targets.

The tenements are strategically located some 10km south of the Corridor Sands project, where Dingsheng Minerals has invested significantly. Additionally, Rio Tinto (ASX:RIO) and Savannah Resources (AIM:SAV) are planning to develop the Chilubane deposit, located 10km south of MRG’s Corridor projects.

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