Tesorito Visible Gold

Los Cerros’ Tesorito drilling hits visible gold, extends high-grade gold to west

Los Cerros Limited (ASX: LCL) announced that the drilling at the Tesorito South porphyry target of Quinchia Project in Colombia continues to deliver strong results.

The company said that high-grade gold envelope at Tesorito South was extended further west by drillhole TS-DH15 and remain open. Significant intercepts included 215.1m grading 0.86g/t Au from 110.9m incl 34m @ 1.97g/t Au and 0.1% Cu from 214m.

LCL said that drill hole TS-DH16 tested mineralisation to southwest and assays are pending.  The company said that the drill holes TS-DH17 and TS-DH20 testing southerly extensions intersected the target porphyry suite to south west and south east.

Los Cerros said that the drillhole TS-DH21 is interpreted to have intercepted the cap of the porphyry core, with visible gold reported, extending this zone some 90m to the north west. The company said that assays for four completed diamond holes now pending (TS-DH16,17, 20, and 21).

Drilling at Tesorito

The objective of the Tesorito drill program was to test two anomalous zones, the southern and northern Tesorito targets. The company has now reported encouraging assay results from the Tesorito South porphyry target.

Encouraging results from Tesorito

The company announced that has now completed the drilling of diamond holes TS-DH15, TS-DH16, TS-DH17, TS-DH20, and TS-DH21 at the Tesorito South porphyry target.

TS-DH15 extends high grade to west

The company said that the DD hole TS-DH15 was commissioned ~60m further west and in the same drill fence as TS-DH11.

LCL said that TSDH15 recorded a broad zone of 215.1m @ 0.86g/t Au from 110.9m. Other results included 34m @ 1.97g/t Au and 0.1% Cu from 214m, including 10.6m @ 3.47g/t Au and 0.12% Cu from 219.4m; and 7.70m @ 2.13g/t Au and 0.1% Cu from 312.3m.

Los Cerros said that at 214m downhole drill hole, TSDH15 intersected the same high-grade zone encountered from ~144m downhole in TS-DH11. This has extended the high-grade gold zone, and therefore potential volume of high-grade material, for an additional ~75m west and downdip.

TS-DH16 tests mineralisation to southwest

The company said that the DD hole TS-DH16, the first hole drilled with the Company’s own Atlas Copco rig, performed exceptionally well and reached a depth of 690 metres.

TS-DH16 was designed to approach the porphyry core from the north east and then test potential extensions to the south west at depth. The company said that TS-DH16 passed through the target porphyry suite before entering another porphyry suite from 576m and was the deepest hole ever drilled at Tesorito.

TS-DH17 and TS-DH20 to test SSW and SSE mineralisation

The company said that the DD holes TS-DH17 and TS-DH20 were designed to test to the SSW and SSE for mineralisation extensions. LCL said that based on visuals alone, both holes are described to have intercepted target porphyry units as expected before hitting the Marmato Fault zone at ~240m and ~260m respectively and leaving the system. The company said that assay results are pending and are expected in early April.

TS-DH21 tests mineralisation to north

The company said that the DD hole TS-DH21 was drilled directly eastwards to cut across potential northern extensions to the high-grade zone under the pads of TS-DH07 and TS-DH08, both of which generated some of the best intercepts to date. LCL said that the assays from TS-DH21 are expected in April.

Los Cerros reported that based on visual logs, TS-DH21 entered the target porphyry suite at ~100m, and passed through the porphyry associated breccia with intense porphyry textures and veining including visible gold at 131.7m, to then hit the porphyry cap (cupola) at 140m.

The ‘cupola’ is a dome, defining the cap of the porphyry core and often carries the highest gold grades with elevated copper. The company said that the drillhole passed through the porphyry suite and then entered the Marmato Fault zone from ~250m as expected.

What’s next?

The company said that additional drilling would be done as required to systematically test the nature and extent of mineralisation.

LCL said that assays for four completed diamond holes – TS-DH16, TS-DH17, TS-DH20, and TS-DH21 are now pending. The company said that the holes TS-DH18 and TS-DH19 were tagged for drilling but are yet to be drilled.

Management Comments

Los Cerros Managing Director Jason Stirbinskis said: “The Company will refrain from offering an interpretation of this interesting and potentially exciting deep intercept of a porphyry suite below and south west of the fault structure until assays have been assimilated. We are pleased with the performance of the Company owned Atlas Copco rig during the course of its first drill hole.

It is very exciting that we hit what we believe to be the cupola again, some 90m north west of where we first reported the cupola in TS-DH08, which sparked the market enthusiasm for our Tesorito porphyry discovery in September last year. We eagerly await assays, expected to be received in April.”

*Image Source: Los Cerros Limited

Written By Jonathan Norris
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