Hongxing achieves rapid expansion as demand for mining machinery surges

After a period of lull, the mining equipment industry is currently having a tremendous turnaround. The global mining equipment market is anticipated to have nearly double-digit growth over the next decade.

This noticeable improvement in the market conditions of the mining equipment industry in recent years is attributed to two key factors.

The decrease in the pace of production of the machinery and the slow withdrawal of second-hand equipment, resulting in the growth of fixed assets investment.

The surge in the demand for mining machinery in overseas markets due to the advancement of the national strategy. Hongxing machinery is currently well-suited to be a key player of the mining equipment industry.

The significant position of Hongxing Machinery

The ever-growing demand for metals and mineral commodities has necessitated the emergence of mining equipment companies that are pioneers in the adoption of various innovative technologies.

Hongxing machinery ticks all the boxes here, as it has made great progress in innovation and high-end technology while focusing on zero pollution. This remarkable feat was achieved after consistent transformation and strategic upgrades that were done over the decades.

The overall improvement of market conditions in recent years has now opened channels for foreign players, among which Hongxing Machinery is well-placed to be a leader in the segment.

Hongxing Machinery’s brand influence in both domestic and foreign markets is rapidly increasing day by day. Presently, Hongxing Machinery has obtained overseas investment license, been vigorously deployed in overseas markets, and is being sold worldwide.

With the rapidly increasing technological strength of Chinese enterprises, the development and layout of globalization will be an inevitable process for the “going out” of domestic enterprises.

As a leading enterprise of domestic mining machinery, Hongxing undoubtedly has the ability and strength to participate in the international competition.

Favored foreign partner for many countries

There has been a noticeable increase in demand from countries such as Egypt, India, Vietnam, and others, in choosing Hongxing mining machinery as their partner.

With the increased focus on the “going out” strategy in foreign markets, the number of orders received by Hongxing mining machinery has exceeded expectations, especially from the Indian market.

Strategies to stay ahead of the game

After several years of intensive focus on the transitioning and development of high-performance equipment, Hongxing machinery has now established high brand awareness and recognition. The company also makes sure to remain relevant while propelling its future growth.

This is being done by providing regular training and guidance for customers from proficient technical personnel, thereby making the sales and after-sales service docking smoother.

The biggest advantage of Hongxing Machinery lies in its stable performance, as well as the strength and durability of its products. This has made the company well-liked among its numerous foreign customers.

High demand for complete assembly line equipment

As per the person in charge of Hongxing machinery’s product sales department, complete assembly line equipment for mining equipment and sand and gravel processing machinery are highly in demand from many foreign companies.

Technologically superior crusher machines

Hongxing Machinery had focused on the development of several advanced technologies, leading to technically superior machines when compared to its peers.

Hongxing had systematically upgraded some of the original crusher products, improving the efficiency of crusher machines. This was done in conjunction with the “Guiding Opinions on Conducting Quality Improvement Actions” issued by the CCP and the State Council.

Liaison with institutions and universities

One of the products common across almost all mining equipment companies is the grinder equipment. This is the most commonly used grinding machine in stone machines. The market competition is extremely fierce for this product.

Hongxing Machinery stands ahead with regard to this product too, by establishing good cooperative relations with several domestic professional institutions and well-known universities.

The names of the associates include bigwigs like the China Mining Research Institute, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, and the Zhejiang University.

This strategic partnership has resulted in Hongxing Machinery achieving resource sharing and complementary advantages, and acceleration of the transformation and quick transference of scientific and technological achievements.

It is no wonder that Hongxing Mill has achieved breakthroughs in many fields.

Ownership of more than 100 patents

To protect the interest of a company, copyrights and patents are highly relevant in today’s well-connected world. This was recognized well in advance by Hongxing Machinery.

At present, Hongxing Machinery has nearly 100 invention patents, with the conversion rate of results reaching up to 97%.

Customer-centric approach

Hongxing Group had always had a customer-centric approach, staying committed to providing customers with solutions and “turnkey” projects based on customer needs, assuring customer satisfaction.

Hongxing has now unveiled an advanced new customer service platform and is now advancing a long-distance operation and maintenance project, relying on this platform to provide customers with a full-service.

Environmentally sustainable, zero pollution products

With rapid clampdowns from environmental protection agencies worldwide, the environmental protection and zero pollution of mining machines have now become necessary. It has in fact, now become a development trend.

Many mining machines currently have environmental protection devices, while many companies provide environmental protection solutions for users directly.

Hongxing has taken decisive steps to ensure compliance and provide environmentally sustainable products.

Hongxing Machinery has also continued to invest in research and development and energy conservation, with special focus given on solving environmental problems such as dust pollution through technological innovation.

Innovative new products from Hongxing

One of the latest offerings from Hongxing is the three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding. This product is ideal for ultra-fine pulverization of brittle materials with various Mohs hardness below 5 grade.

It results in a dry non-metallic mineral ultrafine powder, produced using domestic technology. Here, the pulverization of the material and the grading of the powder are placed in the same body and are operated independently. The fineness of the product can be adjusted from 1400 to 3000 mesh.

The product boasts of a compact structure, simple maintenance, low energy consumption per unit product, and low investment.

The materials’ crushing and classification are carried out in the same closed system, and the dust-containing gas is treated by dust removal to achieve zero pollution, making it the ideal equipment for green environmental protection.

The device also has its own integrated circuit system, which automatically adjusts the motor speed according to the granularity of the processed material.

This is a high-efficiency product, with low energy consumption.

Certified quality, well-recognized brand name

The superior technological advantage provided by Hongxing machinery is currently attracting customers globally.

Thanks to the priority given by Hongxing to develop high quality products that encompass technological advancements, all products of the company have passed ISO9001, CE and GOST international quality system certification.

The Hongxing brand has acquired several prominent awards including the “China brand” and “China’s top ten brands of mining machines” awards.


Hongxing has no doubt become a highly important player in the high-end mining machinery field and new energy machinery in China, because of its scientific management methods, refined manufacturing processes, and innovative manufacturing concepts.

Written By Jonathan Norris
Jonathan is a founder of Mining.com.au and has been covering the resources industry since 2018. With over 17 years experience in print, broadcast and online media, Jonathan has seen first hand the transformative effect of online niche media.