EcoGraf Graphite Battery Anode Material

EcoGraf graphite anode material outperforms industry benchmarks

Battery anode material produced by EcoGraf (ASX: EGR) has outperformed international benchmarks during recent product qualification work, according to the company.

The sustainably-produced HFfree battery anode material was tested as part of an extensive trial for a major battery anode material producer, which placed the effectiveness of the product up against reference material from existing manufacturers.

This is considered to be a critical milestone for EcoGraf, which is in the process of finalising construction plans for its new state-of-the-art battery anode material facility in Kwinana Western Australia, fed by its Epanko Graphite Project in Tanzania.

EcoGraf’s HFfree anode material outperforms competitors

Preparation of the product sample involved completion of a large mechanical shaping program, using commercial-scale equipment in conjunction with a leading international equipment manufacturer. This was followed by HFfree purification through a pilot plant EcoGraf has established with one of Australia’s foremost mineral testing organisations.

The company reports that its product sample outperformed against reference materials in half-cell electrochemical testing, and also satisfied the anode producer’s physical and chemical specifications.

EcoGraf said that the results provide further confirmation of the effectiveness of its environmentally-superior EcoGraf processing technology to provide anode, battery and electric vehicle manufactures with high quality, sustainably-produced battery anode material.

Vertical integration with local downstream processing

The company’s new downstream production facility is anticipated to be the first of its type internationally, and will export spherical graphite products to rapidly-growing battery markets in Asia, Europe, and North America using a superior, environmentally-responsible HFfree purification technology.

Rendering of EcoGraf's new state-of-the-art processing facility in Western Australia
Rendering of EcoGraf’s new state-of-the-art processing facility in Western Australia. Source: EcoGraf Limited

Commercial production at the plant will commence at 5,000tpa output at a capital cost of US$22.8 million, expanding to 20,000tpa with a further USD$49.2 million investment. A USD$35 million debt facility has been negotiated with the Australian government, as it looks to support Australian-based downstream processing capabilities to underpin the upcoming clean-energy revolution.

Four years of pilot test work was completed in Germany to optimise processes and de-risk development, while pre-construction activities for the plant including engineering, permitting and environmental approvals are underway.

Written By Jonathan Norris
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