Vein breccia outcrop with visible Gold metal and Silver sulfosalts – Presagio West

Dark Horse reports high grade, >7g/t Au, >3000g/t Ag surface samples at Las Opeñas

Dark Horse Resources Limited (ASX: DHR) has announced a highly encouraging update on the surface sampling and detailed mapping program at its Las Opeñas Gold Project in Argentina.

The company reported that a number of samples have returned outstanding high‐grade Gold and Silver assay results from the Presagio West, Presagio East, and Presagio Central targets.

The company reported that assay results have been returned for visible Gold metal and Silver sulfosalts discovered at Presagio West. DHR said that all samples till now have returned high grade anomalous assay results of Gold and Silver. The company said that of the six anomalous samples, three have results above 7 g/t Gold.

The company announced that more bonanza Silver has been discovered in Presagio East, with representative samples returning 3,112 g/t Silver and 1,968 g/t Silver.

DHR said that Presagio Central returned the highest Gold sample overall, with 29.6 g/t Gold, as well as eight further anomalous results.

Las Opeñas project

The Las Opeñas Gold Project is on the border of the Indio Belt, Argentina, where there are multi-milllon-ounce gold deposits including the 12Moz Veladero and 18Moz Pascua Lama.

Presagio is the largest target of Las Opeñas Gold Project to date and has a total strike length of 3.7km. The Presagio System includes the targets, Presagio West, Presagio Centre, Presagio Sur, and Presagio East, along with smaller unnamed veins.

Exploration program at Las Opeñas

The company had commenced surface sampling and detailed mapping program at Las Opeñas Gold Project.

 The company said that a number of samples have returned outstanding high‐grade Gold and Silver assay results from the Presagio West, Presagio East, and Presagio Central targets.

Presagio West

The company reported that all six samples taken have returned anomalous Gold‐Silver results from one substantial vein breccia at Presagio West. In outcrop, Presagio West is up to 70 meters wide.

The six anomalous results are 7.90 g/t Gold, 1,747 g/t Silver, in rock chip; 8.40 g/t Gold, 190 g/t Silver, in rock chip; 7.00 g/t Gold, 516 g/t Silver, in rock chip; 3.60 g/t Gold, 497 g/t Silver, over 0.4m; 2.40 g/t Gold, 125 g/t Silver, over 0.6m; and 1.80 g/t Gold, 4 g/t Silver, over 1.5m.

The company said that Presagio West represents its next main drill target on the Project. DHR said that additional representative channel samples have been taken along this vein to further define this highly promising mineralized feature, for which assay results are pending.

Presagio East

Dark Horse reported that additional bonanza Silver results were returned from a large vein system at Presagio East, which had previously revealed high grade Silver results of 2,098 g/t and 272 g/t.

New results include 1.90 g/t Gold, 3,112 g/t Silver, over 1m; 0.70 g/t Gold, 1,968 g/t Silver, over 0.6m; 0.20 g/t Gold, 400 g/t Silver, in rock chip; and 0.03 g/t Gold, 345 g/t Silver, over 0.6m.

Presagio Central

The company reported that nine out of 11 samples at Presagio Central returned anomalous Gold‐Silver results.

The highest results are 29.60 g/t Gold, 277 g/t Silver, over 1.1m; 4.00 g/t Gold, 71 g/t Silver, over 0.9m; and 1.80 g/t Gold, 34 g/t Silver, over 0.7m.

The company noted that the best Gold‐Silver grades in Presagio Central occur on east‐west flexures within vein systems associated with Pyrite, Sphalerite (Zinc Sulphide) and Galena (Lead Sulphide), indicative of a well endowed epithermal precious metals system.

Updates and next steps

DHR said that follow‐up mapping and sampling is currently in progress.

The Company said that it has decided to continue this surface exploration work and attempt to exhaust the extent of identifiable mineralisation within the Las Opeñas lease, to ensure that the next drilling phase optimizes resources definition.

This work includes further representative channel sampling throughout the Presagio vein system, the new Zora prospect in the far north of the lease, and the large area between Zora and Presagio, which is yet to be investigated.

Dark Horse said that following completion of this work, expected in late 2019, it will implement a comprehensive drilling program to test these areas at depth.

Management comments

Dark Horse Resources Chairman Nick Mather said: “The Presagio epithermal vein system at Las Opeñas is showing extensive, high‐grade Gold and Silver mineralisation at surface, and the new discoveries within the lease are adding to the potential size of this project.

We look forward to getting the next phase of drilling underway, from which we expect to be able to confirm mineralisation at depth, and move the project towards resource definition.”

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