Battery Anode Material Graphite

Comet test work confirms battery-quality graphite from Springdale Project

Comet Resources (ASX: CRL) reports that specialist test work has confirmed that natural flake graphite from its Springdale Project meets key battery anode grade benchmarks and successfully produces high-value jet milled product.

Earlier test work completed in 2019 and 2020 had identified that graphite concentrate from the project was unique due to its very fine size fraction, and platy nature of the fine flake. Recognising that these properties may potentially have applications for battery anode material, a bulk sample of graphite concentrate was generated and sent to ProGraphite GmbH in Germany for evaluation by a specialist test facility.

Test work at German facility confirm battery-grade graphite

Programs at ProGraphite’s specialist facility included micronisation in hammer mills, spheronisation, and purification processes to the high specification levels necessary to produce precursor material for use in the manufacture of lithium-ion battery anodes.

With the continued push towards electrification, demand for these battery anode grade products should grow exponentially”

Results met industry specification for battery anode material, with purification of up to 99.99% graphite content achieved. The graphite also performed exceptionally well in jet milling tests, with the fine flake material reported to be easy to micronise with good throughput and low energy consumption.

The successful test work results have led to Comet engaging in discussions with multiple downstream users regarding commercial options for the the graphite product.

Management comments

Comet Resources Managing Director Matthew O’Kane said: “The results from the specialist test programs in Germany are fantastic! They confirm graphite material from Springdale has met key battery anode grade benchmarks as well successfully producing high- value jet milled product.

These results greatly increase the prospects for future development of the project. We will now assess future work programs, which include work to further optimise the processing of spherical graphite. With the continued push towards electrification, demand for these battery anode grade products should grow exponentially.”

Written By Jonathan Norris
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