ChemX records highest quality HPA result

Australian critical materials developer ChemX Materials (ASX:CMX) has delivered the highest quality result from its High-Purity Alumina (HPA) Micro Plant operations located in Perth, Western Australia.

ChemX’s 100% owned HiPurA chemical feedstock process has delivered its highest quality result of 39ppm impurities (99.996% purity) across an’ impressive’ 66 element spectrum.

Additional results include 66ppm, 61ppm, and 99ppm. ChemX says these results reflect the continuous improvement to selectively remove key impurities and provide ever improving product quality.

Recent investment in high precision analytical equipment will further aid ChemX to develop new methods to improve product purity and minimise reliance on external laboratories. This will dramatically reduce assay turnaround times and will support the commissioning of the full-scale pilot plant in 2024.

The Micro Plant has achieved its purpose. ChemX will now refocus the team on construction and commissioning of the HPA Pilot Plant. The intended purpose for the larger scale Pilot Plant will be to match or improve the HPA purity results achieved by the Micro Plant.

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