pillow basalt outcrop at Malmac West

Carnaby identifies large new copper-nickel-gold anomalies at Malmac

Carnaby Resources Limited (ASX: CNB) announced that large new copper-nickel-gold anomalies were identified from the exploration at its Malmac project in the Northern Yilgarn Margin of Western Australia.

The company said that a 6 km long copper-nickel-gold anomaly was defined by soil, rock chip, and hand-held XRF at the newly named Salvation prospect; while a 15 km long copper-nickel-gold anomaly was identified by the wide-spaced soil sampling along the SE extension of the Salvation Fault at the newly named Oolgahroo prospect.

CNB reported that sampling results at the Salvation prospect included 1,380 ppm copper, 489 ppm Nickel, and 7.2 ppb gold.

Sampling and mapping program at Malmac project

The company had recently completed first pass reconnaissance sampling program at Malmac West E69/3509, as well as Malmac East E69/3510 and E69/3702.

Malmac West

At Malmac West E69/3509, Carnaby Resources completed a first pass reconnaissance sampling program on broad 2 to 4 km spaced traverses comprising 48 rock chip samples and 111 soil samples at 500m spacing analysed using Ultrafine multielement analysis at Labwest.  A further 39 readings of outcrop were taken by a portable Olympus Vanta VMR XRF analyser.

Malmac East

At the Malmac East E69/3510 and E69/3702, first pass reconnaissance mapping and sampling on broad 2 to 4 km spaced traverses totalling 175 soils samples were submitted for Ultrafine analysis at Labwest covering a suite of 52 elements including gold analysed at trace level detection limit.

Salvation anomaly at Malmac West

The company announced that the results of soil, rock chip, and hand-held XRF analysis at Malmac West E69/3509 outlined a 6km long Copper-Nickel-Gold anomaly named Salvation and included results up to 1380 ppm copper and 489 ppm Nickel reported from lab analysis of rock chip samples.

CNB said that elevated gold results of up to 7.2 ppb gold in soils were also recorded from samples taken at Salvation. The company noted that the 489 ppm Ni rock chip result was sourced from a weathered and altered pillow basalt outcrop of mafic volcanic rocks potentially equivalent to the Narracoota Volcanics in the Byrah Basin.

The Salvation prospect is associated with a little-known outcrop of pillow basalt, a key geological criterion for Volcanic Hosted Massive Sulphide (VHMS) deposits, including the world-class Degrussa copper-gold deposit. The pillow basalt unit is potentially equivalent to the Narracoota Volcanics in the Byrah Basin, reinforcing the emerging discovery potential at Malmac.

Oolgahroo anomaly at Malmac East

Carnaby said that the soil sampling at Malmac East E69/3510 and E69/3702 outlined a 15 km long copper-nickel-gold soil anomaly named Oolgahroo which appears to be coincident with the Salvation Fault.

CNB noted that with very low background levels, the anomaly was coherent with maximum values for Cu, Ni, and Au of 73.8 ppm, 55 ppm, and 3.3 ppb respectively.

The company said that the sample spacing over Oolgahroo was extremely broad with 4 km spaced lines and samples taken every 500m along the lines. Carnaby said that follow up exploration is being planned for the 2021 field season.

Next steps

Carnaby announced that it plans to progress the early-stage exploration results at Malmac with further low-cost soil sampling, mapping, and rock chip sampling and will consider using geophysics to further refine drill targets during the 2021 field season.

Management comments

The Company’s Managing Director, Rob Watkins, said: “These early-stage results from the first ever systematic exploration at Malmac, covering 621 km2 of tenure east of Sandfire’s Degrussa copper-gold deposit, are significant. The results exemplify the strong pipeline of the Company’s gold and copper projects, from early stage greenfields at Malmac through to advanced exploration and development potential at Strelley in the Mallina Basin of WA and at Tick Hill in Mt Isa, Queensland.”

Written By Jonathan Norris
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