Allup Silica plans more work at Cabbage Spot

Allup Silica (ASX:APS) is planning to undertake a new micro-seismic survey to determine the base of sand mass at the Cabbage Spot Project in Western Australia.

As part of its stage two exploration work in the area, the company plans to either use existing drone data or conduct a new high-resolution survey to confirm the evaluation of sand mass surfaces, enabling a sand volume determination for customers. 

Allup says beneficiation tests will allow it to ascertain grade and purity potential volumes and tonnages that conform to expressed customer interest. 

Subject to quality and yields, Allup hopes to provide small bulk samples for customer assessment in 2024. 

This news comes after Allup completed reconnaissance and surface sampling fieldwork that identified additional silica potential within Cabbage Spot. 

The work aimed to provide a deeper understanding of the geological setting of the project, follow up on surface silica sand mineralisation, and define areas for further exploration and drilling. 

All samples have been sent to North Australian Laboratories (NAL) in Pine Creek for assaying and are expected to be returned in Q4 2023. 

Once results have been received, Allup will send assays to Battery Limits metallurgical consultants for the preparation of an Independent Metallurgical Report, which will then be released to the market. 

These assays are anticipated to provide Allup with ‘valuable’ insights into understanding the potential of the targeted areas. 

Allup Silica Managing Director Andrew Haythorpe says: “The company is excited by the potential at the Cabbage Spot Project, and whilst in its early stages, the project’s potential is promising and further investment is warranted. 

“whilst in its early stages, the project’s potential is promising and further investment is warranted”

We hope that after the metallurgical results are received, we will be in a position to ‘push the go-button’ on the heritage survey and maiden drill program. We’re already back in the field now.”

Allup has held a follow-up visit and discussions with Wyndham Port operators CGL to better understand the possibility of loading between 30,000- to 50,000-tonne ships. 

The company says it’s ‘extremely’ encouraged that a bulk loading capability at the port is achievable in the short to medium term. 

Allup Silica is a public silica sand exploration company focused on the future development of tenements in several Western Australian locations. 

The company wholly owns the Cabbage Spot Project, which lies 95km from Wyndham Port. 

As of 30 June 2023, the company had about $3.18 million cash at hand, according to its latest quarterly report.

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